From Japan to the world

It is the risk to stay in Japan and keep your asset in Japan. We help you to shift your life and asset to overseas.

Absolute return

We propose to reduce volatility and make absolute return for long term with hedge funds and alternatives.

Anyone have opportunity for asset management

The asset management is not only for wealthy people. Anyone can do, anyone need it. We ask your conditions and target in your life first to help achieve it.

Avoid Japan Risk

We need to prepare for Japan risk as default, blocked account, My number, wealth tax and denomination. We share proper information and the way to protect your asset.

Education for proper financial literacy

Unfortunately we did not have education for money. We do not have independent information for money in society. But we share independent information to you and you can be educated.

Money doctor

We keep our professional and independent position for you. You can ask anything about money like doctor for health.

Self responsibility for life and investment

Everything needs to be decided by yourself not by anyone else. Also you need to have responsibility for your own decision for your life and investment. Not someone else responsibility.

Not only for yourself, but also for next generation

We do not think only about ourselves. We try to achieve our business, but also that should be soothing good for next generation.

Complain to yourself

Do not complain others, complain yourself. Everything comes form yourself. The bad result is your fault not from someone else.